• Baby’s Language Skills

    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

    Recent studies show that mothers with low levels of vitamin D during their pregnancy usually have children who have problems with speech and often need clinical treatment. For research was used D vitamin concentration sample of 700 pregnant women and it was followed child’s language development and skills by age 17. The most problems with speech and language skills the children had between age 5 and 7.

    The scientists realized that D vitamin which is very important for proper baby’s development was lower in women who spent less time on the sun. Such lack of D vitamin had an impact on baby’s brain development which explained this connection between child’s baby’s language skills and sun. Sun light is the main source of vitamin D and deficiency of this vitamin is increasing rapidly and at the moment affects over 60%  of women. This is the result of cancer awareness today and sunscreen products which are used worldwide. Beside that women spend less time exposed to the sun than 20 years ago.

    It is important to protect from the sun and not recommended to spend a long time for sunbathe but D vitamin is important for proper development of your baby and that is why sou should take some D vitamin supplements during pregnancy which will lower the risk. Even baby’s language skills and sun are related, lack of D vitamin will be reduced with supplements and with that risk of languages difficulties later.

    This research should be a reason for new moms to test their D vitamin levels regularly and to consult their doctor about options for taking D vitamin supplements and to eat foods that will increase the amount of D vitamin in their body. No matter you take vitamins, try to spend at least 30 min daily on sun in some slow walk, watching shop windows or just reading a book on your balcony or garden. That way you will help your body to accumulate D vitamin that is necessary for proper health but also more than needed for your baby’s proper development and especially her brain.

    Making such testing standard for all future moms will reduce numbers of babies with language problems and it is very important that D vitamin level testing becomes part of the usual check up during pregnancy. That way new moms will know exactly how their body changes and when the D vitamin level is dropping which will allow them to add more foods that contains D vitamin and to start  with D vitamin supplements recommended by her doctor.

    Baby’s language skills are very important not only at the beginning but also later through life and that is why the lack of D vitamin during pregnancy should be taken seriously. If you want to have a healthy and properly developed baby, you have to care of your body properly during pregnancy and to make sure to get enough vitamins and healthy foods that will help you deliver one healthy and happy baby.

    Maternity Wear

    Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

    Maternity wear can seem to you as big problem to solve but it is actually exciting task and you will see that you can find appropriate maternity wear easily and without much effort. At beginning it won’t be such problem for you but during the last few month, as your belly is growing you may find it hard to find clothes that is comfortable and that doesn’t make you look as wearing some sack.

    If you partner is bigger than you, that is one simple way to get some bigger shirts that can help you look nice and where you can fit in your belly. To prevent constant pants and skirts buying, make sure to have ”belly button” device which can help you to adjust pants and skirts and widen them up as your belly grows. With pants and skirts adjusted with ”belly button” you may need some longer shirts to cover and hide that.

    Don’t rely on what you see on labels because sometimes your belly can be bigger than it shows for women in the same month of pregnancy and brands also make that difference more common. Always try what you are buying and make sure it fits you well. The best options are stretchable fabrics such as Lycra or jersey. That will stretch with your belly and you may save a lot of money.

    One more thing when you should keep in mind when you are buying maternity wear is body temperature during pregnancy which will vary often. At one moment you will feel cold and in next moment too hot trying to get rid of clothes that bothers you. That is why is best to buy clothes you can wear in layers. Make sure there are no complicated buttons when you need to pull that off or you feel like running to the toilet urgently.

    If you want to buy clothes ahead, then ask in the shop to give you a ”prosthetic tummy” and then wearing it try some clothes you may need in the next few months when you may feel less willing to walk, with your feet swollen or more weight to carry around while shopping. Many moms prefer staying home in the last few months of their pregnancy and go out only when needed.

    Being pregnant doesn’t mean being less attractive and that is why you shouldn’t forget you are a woman. Buy clothes that point on your best attributes and there is no need to hide you are pregnant. Time when women tried to cover and hide their pregnancy is way behind us. Some nice big scarves, stylish jewelry to complement your maternity wear,  elegant longer blouse with long skirt can look very nice.

    If you are planning to breastfeed your baby you should buy some nursing bra. That can be helpful if you are not in your own home and you have to breastfeed without taking much clothes off. Buy more shirts that can be unbottoned easily and same goes for sleepwear. That will help you to breastfeed baby during the night without lifting your pajama and holding it for a long time until the baby is fed.

    Baby Items

    Monday, April 16th, 2012

    The most important baby items parents need when the baby arrives are diapers, baby clothes, feeding equipment, crib and changing table. Toys are fun but that you will probably get from your family and friends New parents are mostly confused what is really necessary when baby is about to arrive and find themselves lost among a variety of baby toys, cribs, furniture, items for feeding and so much more. What and how to choose, how to know what is needed right away and what later, which are safe baby items and how to recognize and many other question arises.

    and there is no need to rush. Everything else like a high chair for feeding, walker etc. can wait when baby is bigger.

    Choosing clothes is most important task and never forget to buy only organic which will prevent allergies and keep your baby safe. Daily clothes should be easy to wash and something that makes baby feel comfortable. Babies spit food and mess their clothes quickly, so don’t forget to buy a few bibs. The bes daily clothes is bodysuit but go for those without feet because baby may outgrow that picec and still to fit in bodysuit.

    For night baby will need few pajamas which can be zipped on the front side which helps if you need to change baby during the night. A few shirts with long and short sleeves, few hats and 2 jackets when baby going out, so you can wash one easily. Choose cotton when buying shirts because your baby’s skin is sensitive. Pants should be with waistband and make sure they can stretch easily over diapers.

    Changing table will help you a lot because there you can place diapers and wipes. That is why you should choose one with many drawers and also make sure that hight suits you. Some parents like baby carrier which helps them get hands free to work or carry something.

    The crib should be the safest place for your baby because that is where the baby will spend most of her day in sleep. That is why baby’s crib must be made of safe material. Make sure there is no sharp edges or anything else that might hurt your baby. Mattress for baby’s crib should be waterproof and if you can’t find such then find waterproof covers. At the begining you can use wearable blankets which will assure you that baby is covered and also safe and that blanket won’t go over her head in any case.

    For feeding your baby you will need a few bottles and a breast pump. Some parents like to use feeding pillow which helps to keep baby in proper position. For feeding you will need burping clothes so make sure to have at least 5-6. As the baby grows you can start thinking about buying more baby items such are spoons, musical toys, feeding chair, bowls, walker, car seat etc. Few packages of diapers and wipes are also a must at the beginning. For bathing baby you will need a few towels, scissors, brush and baby bathtub.

    Baby Health Guide

    Saturday, September 25th, 2010

    Baby Health Guide