• Anesthesiology

    Knowing more about anesthesiology during childbirth will help you decide how you want to go through labor. Some women decide to deliver baby natural way which is also very painful, while the majority of women choose help of anesthesiology as an easier option. Such knowledge will help you relax a bit and remove some worries you have about going through the delivery process.
    You should talk to your doctor about all options you have during labor. Some women change their mind during labor and decide to go through without pain management treatment. That is why is better to leave all options open and decide during labor. Doctor is there only to advise you, but the final decision should be your own.
    There is no way to know how painful labor going to be and for every woman that is a different experience and depends on many things. Some woman needs very little medication while others need much more to be able to go through the delivery.
    There are a few options that anesthesiology offering, but that depends also on the facility where you deliver baby. Most women choose an option where they get medications through IV and that is done by a nurse assigned to them. Other options require professionals who can keep monitoring you and follow how your body accept such medication. Such options are spinal blocks, epidural or general anesthesia.
    Epidural and spinal block are the types of anesthesia which will completely numb your lower body.  For spinal block anesthesia needle is placed in your lower back and injected medication while for epidural catheter will be inserted through the needle into the space inside the bony spinal canal which is called the epidural space.
    Such anesthesia is used usually for cesarean section and some other short procedures. Feeling is similar as when your dentist gives an injection to fix or pull out your tooth. It would last for a while and then your feeling is back to that place where medication is injected. The inserting epidural tube can be a bit uncomfortable and only small pain can be felt shortly. Epidural anesthesia can last up to 15 minutes.
    These techniques are perfectly safe for you and your baby and they won’t affect your labor in any way except relief you from any pain during delivery. Spinal anesthesia will affect only your body but not baby’s because it is inserted into your spine. Allergic reactions to spinal anesthesia are very rare.